What We Do

You may never have heard of Corfe Mullen Sports Association, let alone who we are, or what we do. That’s OK, and let’s see what we can do about that…

In a nutshell, the Corfe Mullen Sports Association (CMSA) is a registered charity and voluntary body representing the various sports clubs that operate from the Recreation Ground in Corfe Mullen.

The CMSA is a non-profit making organisation, run purely on the goodwill of volunteers. We manage and maintain the Pavilion Building, the Hard Standing area (Tennis Courts) and the Cricket pitches. We also manage the event and fixtures bookings for Cricket, Football, and Tennis.

We are not subsidised in any way, nor do we receive any regular funding from the Parish Council, District Council, or central Government. All monies which come into the Association, in the form of fees, charges and donations, are put directly back into the community by means of the promotion, maintenance, and upkeep of the facilities we provide for the whole community, located at Corfe Mullen Recreation Ground.

As an Association, the CMSA has been in existence since the early 1980s. Our core members are currently:

Over the years we have seen many changes to the recreational facilities available here in Corfe Mullen. Our aims and objectives, however, have changed very little in the last 30+ years.

The original purpose of the CMSA was for

‘…the promotion of the advancement of recreation opportunities and the provision of facilities in the interests of recreation and leisure, with the object of improving the quality of life in the said community (Corfe Mullen)…’

This statement remains as valid today as it did back then, and is the core purpose of our existence as an Association.

The CMSA Committee consists of representatives from each of our ‘member’ bodies, as well as representatives from the Parish Council. We meet every six – eight weeks in order to keep up to date with developments, as well as discuss future opportunities.

Although our name suggests we are a Sporting Association, and yes, to all intents and purposes our core members are sports clubs, we focus on recreation and leisure as a whole. Our stakeholders are from the wider community, both young and old, who benefit from the various sporting activities offered, as well as being able to enjoy the many facilities found at the Recreation Ground.

In short, we provide more than simply sporting opportunities. We encourage every Corfe Mullen resident to enjoy ‘the great outdoors’ and hope to harbour and nurture your interest in an active and constructive use of your time, which in turn goes some way to promote a healthy lifestyle and a responsible ethos for life in general.

We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the Corfe Mullen Carnival in 2019. This is fantastic news, not only for us but for the village as a whole, since this has enabled us to continue to promote and improve the recreational facilities available at the Recreation Ground and for the benefit of the whole community.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the CMSA or any of our affiliated clubs, using the form here.